Practical matters

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Practical matters : 

On this page you will find practical information on how to best plan your dive trip and, files you can download to help you make the best out of your stay at Rendezvous Dive Adventures.

Practical matters: various topics

Frequently asked questions and answers; many practical matters such as power, bedding, equipment and more.

Some of these things are obvious and in the FAQ file but we wanted to point them out anyway.

Practical matters; money and power

Canada has Canadian dollars. All the information on this site is given in Canadian dollars.

The electrical system here works on 110 V. This may impact your equipment such a chargers, shavers, etc. If you have equipment that can handle multiple voltages, be sure to bring the right plugs. (US two pins or three pin plugs). We do however have 220 V for a small number of chargers. Because we run on generators and solar panels we ask you NOT to bring hairdryers, curling irons and other non-essential high wattage appliances. If you need you can bring your C-PAP machines.

Practical matters; gear

In general you should bring the majority of your own gear. However we do have some spare. Should you require some equipment we advise you to rent it through your local dive store. For those who come from overseas and want to rent here we can recommend the Nanaimo Dive Outfitters. In case you forget something, or a piece of equipment breaks, we will be happy to help you.


We have 80 cft  / 12 liter aluminum cylinders (tanks)  @ 3000 psi / 200 bar. They have both DIN and Yoke options

Additional weights are included in our dive rates and can be supplied.

Practical matters; clothing

Barkley Sound is a temperate rain forest area, and is under the influence of Pacific ocean weather patterns. This mean that no matter what time of year the weather will be mild, but the chances of rain exist. Packing can be kind of a challenge but there’s a few things you will always want to consider.

Spring and Fall diving: As the weather can vary considerably at these times of year, layers are always a good idea. Make sure you have a waterproof jacket, and some warm clothes for before and after diving.
Winter diving: Our winters are mild by Canadian standards, but the humidity will get you cold. Bring sweaters, thick socks, waterproof coats, gloves and hats.
Summer diving: Hat, shorts and sunscreen are always good, but summer fog can make mornings cool. Long trousers, and a light jacket or sweater is a good idea.

Please bring your own towel. All the bedding is provided. For your convenience we suggest you bring a pair of slippers and a small flash light (when you go to the hot tub in the dark)


Practical matters; other

We do not sell liquor, so if you would like to enjoy a beer, a glass of wine (after the diving) or your favorite soda, we ask you to bring your own supply. If you bring your ipod or camera, be sure to have enough memory cards, chargers and/or batteries with you.

Because we are a secluded spot, we can offer you the best of nature, and that’s how we would like to keep it. We kindly ask that you take your batteries, plastic bags and bottles back to town with you and dispose of or recycle them correctly.

Practical matters: Travel information:

Travel links:

BC ferry website / Greyhound busLady Rose Marine ( local ferry)

NEW! Pacific Sea Planes offers direct flights from Nanaimo harbor and YVR (Vancouver International airport)           More information on


How to get to the pick up point; driving directions from the highway to the place where the boat awaits you. If you prefer to use Google maps or your GPS here are the coordinates and address:

Address: Fisherman’s Harbour. 3140 Harbour Rd, Port Alberni, BC V9Y 4B9

If you come by ferry the location of “Lady Rose Marine Services” is also indicated on this map