Spring special

February 1, 2017 – February 28, 2017 all-day
Rendezvous Dive Adventures
come as a diver pay as a non-diver!
Rendezvous Dive Adventures
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Spring Special

Every year Rendezvous Dive Adventures offers their Spring Special :  “Come as a diver, pay as a non diver”

This event aims to get divers back into the water at a rate that doesn’t brake the bank. February offer clear water diving, lots of life and of course Kathy’s awesome food.

Underwater surveys: lingcod and egg mass

Underwater surveys: lingcod and egg mass

You an enjoy the hot tub after the dives, take out a kayak or simply relax. All of our rooms are individually heated so you can set the room temperature as low or high as it makes you feel comfortable. Spring is also the time of year when we do our Lingcod egg mass survey for the Vancouver Aquarium and you can see these fish guarding their offspring.

Our boat has a heated galley so after the dive you can enjoy your lunch in a warm environment.

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