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In the news : 

Over the years Rendezvous Dive Adventures has been covered on several topics in a range of media such as TV, radio, newspapers and on the web. Unfortunately some of the older items such as TV and radio links have expired and have been removed by the original servers. However the links below are a good cross-section of where you might find interesting stories and information on us and Barkley Sound. So go ahead, roam around and read the articles. They are mostly in PDF format and you can download them.

Feel free to share but respect the copyrights of the respective holders


In the news TV:

Shaw TV  October 2014

Northwest Dive News TV April 2013

A Channel News Feb 2010- Orca hunting close to the lodge plus interview


In the news Radio:

Planet Earth Diver December 2014

CBC net removal program October 2013

Sharks of BC January 2013 (Radio Canada French interview)

Marine Life Sanctuary Society 2013 (Radio Canada French interview)


In the news Magazines:

Northwest Dive News ( H20) and Scuba April 2014

Tauchen March 2007 (German article)

Duiken maart 2007 ( Dutch article)

Northwest Dive News Aug 2005


In the news Blogs:

Duikeninbeeldtv  (Dutch)

Article by Rutger Geerling  (Dutch)