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English: BC diving information

English : BC Diving, Welcome to Rendezvous Dive Adventures


This is the English version of the general information page of Rendezvous Dive Adventures.

Scuba diving in BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island is a spectacular and unique experience. Discovering  Barkley Sound with Rendezvous Dive Adventures adds an extra dimension to it.

Situated between Port Alberni and Bamfield, in the middle of nature, we offer great diving and encounters with wildlife below and above the water. Rendezvous Dive Adventures in Barkley Sound is the longest running charter business of diving in BC, Vancouver Island. Home of great diving with wolf-eels, Giant pacific octopus, and one of the world richest waters. And you will also have a chance to swim with one of the oldest species of shark in the world; the Bluntnose six gill shark !

Also called the Emerald Sea, it was rated by Jacques Cousteau as the second best site in the world! Rodale’s dive magazine has called it the best dive destination in North America and BC waters were named North America’s healthiest waters.

Non-divers are welcome too and they can come on the boat with the divers to see wildlife like whales, bears or take a kayak, roam around in the bay and enjoy the hot tub.

Come and stay in our full accommodation lodge in the middle of nature and meet the eagles, bears and whales. Enjoy the hot tub after a day of diving, take one of our kayaks, or just relax. You can be picked up in Port Alberni or Bamfield, and small groups or individuals can join us via the local ferry. All meals are provided and Kathy’s cooking is famous amongst our guests. We also offer some creature ID courses. It will be the perfect diving vacation or dykken as the Danish say. So come book your exclusive diving holidays for groups or individuals.

On our page “practical matters”  you will find a lot of information, links and files you can download to make sure your experience here is the best it can be. We hope to see you soon.

Kathy and Peter

Rendezvous Dive Adventures

Rendezvous Dive Adventures

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About us

We want to tell you a little bit about us About us; The history                     The Rendezvous lodge was established in 1973 when Dave and Renate Christie bought this unique piece of land. They blasted the site where the lodge stands with dynamite and built the …

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Practical matters

Practical matters :  On this page you will find practical information on how to best plan your dive trip and, files you can download to help you make the best out of your stay at Rendezvous Dive Adventures. Practical matters: various topics Frequently asked questions and answers; many practical matters such as power, bedding, equipment …

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Wildlife photography filming

Wildlife photography filming Besides diving charters, Rendezvous Dive Adventures also organizes wildlife photography filming opportunity and trips. Because we live year round in nature we have gained a great understanding of where and when to find animals and give photo enthusiasts wonderful opportunities for wildlife photography. We have a camera room that is outfitted for …

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