Dec 09

Shark Survey Week 2018

baby six gill shark

Baby six gill shark

Shark Survey Week 2018

For the 8th year running we have the official Shark Survey Week!  This year we have one period with 4 dive days. . Pick up is on the 23rd of August and drop off on the 27th after two dives. We will have shark scientists on site for presentations in the evening and as usual you will have your own shark ID card and a souvenir to bring home.

Book now and contact us at 1-877 777 9994 or e-mail us at info@rendezvousdiving.com

More Details for shark survey week 2018:

Typically we pick up groups of 6 -10 divers (maximum) in Port Alberni in the afternoon (approx departure 4 pm) and bring them to the lodge. We do not charge that night as a dive day, so ask that our guests provide their own dinner that evening to eat on the boat. The following days we provide breakfast, go out diving for 2-3 dives (depending on distance and conditions) and have lunch on the boat. When we see whales or other nice wildlife we typically stop for photo ops.
We are usually back to the lodge by mid-afternoon and before dinner people can use our kayaks to roam around in the bay, or sit in our hot tub. Or you can listen to the presentation of the shark scientists.
On the last day we go out early and have 2 close by dives with an hour surface interval then come back to the lodge to pack up the gear. We leave for Port Alberni and have lunch on board. We usually come back into Port Alberni at around 3.30 pm.

The rate for shark survey week 2018 is (in Canadian funds) $1030.00 per diver including taxes.
Prices include pick up/drop off in Port Alberni (for 6-10 people), accommodation, 2-3 dives/day, air, cylinders and weights, meals (except pick up day), coffee/tea, and use of the facilities (kayaks/hot tub/etc).
We are unable to provide alcoholic beverages but encourage our guests to bring their favorite beverages with them.

Nitrox 32% is available for a fee of $20/ fill incl. taxes, and we need to know 3 weeks before you arrive whether you want it and how many people want it. Also you would need to inform us if you bring your own cylinders
We ask a 25% down payment at the time of reservation but we realize that a commitment too far out might be difficult.
Usually we request initial deposit within 6 months of the trip. We request another 25% within 3 months and the remainder within 1 month of arrival.
As we do not know what is going to happen with fuel prices, we must reserve the right to charge a fuel surcharge if prices get ridiculously high.
Within a week of arrival, we need to know if  you have food allergies and/or restrictions. This is important as we are feeding you all meals and snacks and there is not always a wide variety of last minute alternatives.

I hope this covers most of it. There is plenty of general info available on our website (including directions, some dive site info and a good “what to bring” list). but, again, if you have any questions feel free to give us a call.