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Spring Special

Spring Special:

Our annual spring special is on again. For the entire month of February we have a great offer to get you back into the water of Barkley Sound. Come as a diver and pay as a non-diver. This offer goes for individuals as well as groups. No limit on the number of dive days.

This spring special gives you access to all we have to offer including our food, lodging and hot tub.

Below is the general information on how a trip takes place. For reservations for the spring special or more information contact us via our contact form or call us 1877 777 9994.

General information Spring special:

Travel arrangements to the lodge depend on whether your group size is less than 6 people or 6-10 people.

If you are traveling in a group of less than 6, we try to organize your transport with the local passenger ferry (Lady Rose Marine). The ferry departs from Port Alberni at 8 a.m. and arrives near the lodge before lunchtime. We normally have plenty of time for diving on arrival day and will provide you lunch and dinner. Please note that you are responsible for all ferry fees including any freight charges. On some occasions we are able to pick less than 6 divers up or drop them off if it coincides with a group pick up / drop off that day

We pick up groups of 6 -10 divers (maximum) in Port Alberni in the afternoon (approx departure 4 pm) and bring you to the lodge. As we arrive in the evening, and it is not charged as a dive day, we ask our guests to provide their own dinner to eat on the boat or at the lodge.
Regardless of group size, the following days we provide breakfast, go out diving for 2-3 dives (depending on distance and conditions) and have lunch on the boat. When we see whales or other nice wildlife we typically stop for photo ops. We are usually back to the lodge by mid-afternoon and before dinner people can use our kayaks to roam around in the bay, or sit in our hot tub.
On the last day we go out early and have 2 close by dives with an hour surface interval then come back to the lodge to pack up the gear. We leave for Port Alberni and have lunch on board. We usually come back into Port Alberni at around 3.30 PM. If you are leaving with the local ferry, then we organize the day depending on the time that it passes the lodge (between 1-5pm depending on time of year).
If you book on your own the diver rate is C$ 235.00 per day per diver and and $193.00 per per day non diver. FOR THE SPRING SPECIAL YOU WOULD PAY THE NON_DIVER PRICE ! This includes all the taxes. If you are non Canadian resident you can apply for half of the GST portion back through a government program we adhere to.

Prices include pick up/drop off in Port Alberni (for 6-10 people), accommodation, 2-3 dives/day, air, cylinders and weights, meals (on diving days), coffee/tea, and use of the facilities (kayaks/hot tub/etc).
We are unable to provide alcoholic beverages but encourage our guests to bring their favourite beverages with them.
Nitrox 32% fill is available for a fee of C$15 plus taxes per fill. We need to know 2 weeks before you arrive whether you want it.

Usually we request initial 25% deposit within 6 months of the trip. We request another 25% within 3 months and the remainder within 1 month of arrival.
As we do not know what is going to happen with fuel prices, we must reserve the right to charge a fuel surcharge if prices get ridiculously high.

Within a week of arrival, we need to know if any of your group has food allergies and/or restrictions. This is important as we are feeding you all
meals and snacks and there is not always a wide variety of last minute alternatives.

I hope this covers most of it. There is plenty of general info available on our website (including directions, some dive site info and a good “what to bring” list). but, again, if you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

Ochre stars and anemones

Ochre stars and greebn surf anemones