Below you will find the links to the various elements of our stewardship program.

Ochre sea stars

Stewardship overview

Stewardship overview: We believe that the privilege of living in the middle of nature, and making a living off the ocean, comes with a responsibility to take care of our environment as best we can. We have become stewards of our area and are involved in many projects to help, directly and indirectly, in keeping …

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Education an doutreach Shark presentation at Vancouver Aquarium

Education and outreach

Education and Outreach : One of the most important tools of our stewardship program is education and outreach. Without people knowing what issues there are, what life there is in water, how it relates to humans, forests and ecosystem components, there will be no drive to protect and take care. The most direct example of …

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derelict gill net removal

Ghost net removal

Ghost net removal: Ghost nets are nets which are lost on a reef or other underwater structure. These ghost nets continue to catch and kill unintended species of marine life ranging from marine mammals and invertebrates to fish and even birds. Ghost net removal is one of the aspects of our Volunteer Diver Derelict Fishing …

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marine mammals humpback whale tail

Marine mammals

Marine mammals: Barkley Sound is home to a large range of marine mammals. We regularly see Humpback whales, Transient             (Biggs) orca, Grey whales, sea lions (Stellar and California) and Harbour seals. Occasionally we see Sea otters and Minke whales.                   Our …

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Six gill shark

Shark Survey Week

Shark Survey Week: Shark Survey Week is a citizen science project that was set up by Peter Mieras and is scientifically supported by Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark from Dalhousie University and Jeff Christiansen and Shawn Larson from the Seattle Aquarium.                   Each year Rendezvous Dive Adventures welcomes divers …

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dive survey

Underwater surveys

Underwater surveys: Underwater surveys are a key method for scientists to get information on various species such as star fish, Lingcod ( and their egg masses), rockfish and others. Many scientists are not divers and trained diving volunteers are extremely helpful in obtaining data. Underwater surveys: Lingcod egg mass survey Rendezvous Dive Adventures participates each …

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Hooded nudibranch

Various other projects

Various other projects: Rendezvous Dive Adventures is also involved, directly or indirectly, in various other projects. These are not major projects but more related to occasional occurrences. However they do form an integral part of our total stewardship program. Here are some examples of these various other projects: Eel grass bed mapping Helping out in …

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Ochre sea stars

Kelp and Critters

Kelp and Critters The DVD “Kelp and Critters” tells a story of 4 seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest. It took over 3 years go get all the footage for this compelling story about the life of the animals that live in or are connected with the Pacific Ocean. The DVD Kelp and Critters …

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marine litter ropes

Marine litter

Marine litter Marine litter is a huge problem in our world. This page intends to explain in a short way what marine litter is and we can do about it. Here is the 2016 marine litter survey for Barkley Sound What is marine litter? Marine litter is defined as any object that is not naturally …

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