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Education and outreach

Education and Outreach :

One of the most important tools of our stewardship program is education and outreach. Without people knowing what issues there are, what life there is in water, how it relates to humans, forests and ecosystem components, there will be no drive to protect and take care.

The most direct example of education is our explanation to divers about local life, issues like pollution, over-fishing and how we can help.

However to reach a larger and non-diving audience, we give presentations and public talks.

One of our education and outreach presentations is our movie “Blue Notes, an ode to the marine life in the Pacific Northwest”

Education and outreach  Blue notes movie

Education and outreach Blue notes movie









This 50 minute movie presentation is based on the DVD “Kelp and Critters” but is adjusted for non-divers. This movie has been screened at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center, The Deep Bay Marine Centre, The Pacific Rim Whale Festival and others

We are also invited to partake in a number of scientific panels. This is based on our various survey projects as well as on our citizen science project “Shark Survey Week” .

Education and outreach Shark presentation at Vancouver Aquarium

Education and outreach Shark presentation at Vancouver Aquarium











Over the years we have been part of the Marine Science Conference at the Bamfield Marine Science Center, presented and were panel members at the Vancouver Aquarium’s “Secret life of sharks and rays” series, and video support of the first “Pacific NE shark Symposium” at the Seattle Aquarium.

We also inform fishermen (commercial and recreational) about certain species and their importance, and the challenges they face as a species. This has resulted in dogfish being released from gill nets and large Lingcod females being put back into the ocean.

To book us for your event, you can contact via our contact form.

We try to keep the costs low and the sales of our DVD “Kelp and Critters” help to pay for our education and outreach activities. However depending on distance, travel etc. we may ask a contribution towards covering our costs.