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Kelp and Critters

Kelp and Critters

The DVD “Kelp and Critters” tells a story of 4 seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest. It took over 3 years go get all the footage for this compelling story about the life of the animals that live in or are connected with the Pacific Ocean.

The DVD Kelp and Critters takes you on a tour through the seasons starting in winter and shows the animals’ struggle for survival, their hunting and evasion of predators, their diversity and their search for a partner. Although many animals live in the ocean, the story also shows the land animals, such a bears and birds who are dependent on the ocean.

Kelp, marine mammals, fish, colorful invertebrates and many many more “actors” are the main cast for this DVD.


DVD Kelp and Critters

DVD Kelp and Critters

Plays in ALL regions of the world

Over 60 minutes in 4 episodes

Subtitles options: full, common and Latin names, none.

Cover made of 100% recycled fiber.

Ink used: 100% non-toxic inks

Made in Canada

Entertaining, educational and suitable for all ages.

Suggested retail price C$ 20.00

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Reviews (some feedback at the end of this page)


The DVD aims to do a number of things.

Education: “Kelp and Critters” has a strong and well researched story and is verified by many scientists. Thus it is an excellent education tool for both schools as well as individuals

Entertainment: The scenes and action in “Kelp and Critters” are both entertaining and at times jaw dropping.

Support: The proceeds of this DVD are going towards our stewardship program as well as to the activities of the organizations that sell “Kelp and Critters”. Aquariums, museums, visitor centers etc. need financial support to maintain their activities and the DVD offers a good product to do so.

Memories: many of the animals showcased in “Kelp and Critters”can be seen by both divers and non-divers alike such whales, seals, sea lions, tide pool inhabitants bears etc. The DVD plays in ANY region in the world and thus is a great souvenir for people to take home.

Some customer / reseller feedback:

A local woman told me recently she had bought Kelp &Critters for the grandchildren of some friends who are retired marine biologists.  The grandparents raved about the dvd — said it was great & so on.  I’m sure you get lots of compliments but thought you’d like to hear more!
Gilakasala, Jane Hutton, Curator.Director, Port Hardy Museum, Archives & Gift Shop
Your footage is inspirational and captivating It is unique in that you have caught many weird and wonderful critters going about their daily business, including interactions and behaviours rarely seen above water or in aquaria. Your footage benefits teachers and students across Canada and beyond, helping make connections to life underwater on this great planet ocean.
Anne Stewart, Public Education Coordinator, Bamfield Marine Science Centre
Your footage not only captures the oceans true beauty but also the natural behavior of many of our local species. This attention to detail is evident in your proximity to the species, the lighting and colors and the physical settings for your videos.” Jake Martens, Director of Communications and Fundraising, West Coast Aquatic


You have an ability to capture not just animals underwater but their unique character and interactions. We have been able to use your footage to amaze and engage our visitors. The unique interactions shot with beautiful clarity stop our visitors in their tracks and get them commenting and asking questions. This type of interaction is invaluable to us as it causes our visitors to seek more information.I’m impressed by the variety of the footage and the technical proficiency in which it is captured. Your footage is a great addition to our gallery” Jeff Heywood, content development , Vancouver Aquarium

Angela Damant: Just finished the DVD and all we can say is wow! It just reminds us how lucky we are to be able to dive in such a wonderful environment! It also allows us the priviledge of getting to know such talented and wonderful people like you and kathy! Keep all the good work above and especially below the water!

Charmead Schella: Peter – we watched Winter to Summer (not Fall, yet) of your DVD. AWESOME! I can’t believe that you did all that. The boys LOVE it. Like, LOVE IT. We’ll finish the Fall tomorrow morning. Then, they will have a million questions for you at dinner tomorrow, I am sure. Brilliant. Bravo!When the piece about the orca mama and babe killing the seal came, I forwarded it. Angus asked why. I told him and he said: ‘Mama, this movie was made for people like me, who don’t dive yet, can learn. I want to learn. I can handle it. Honest. Rewind it.’ So, I did and he was riveted. Totally. Awesome job. (waiting for the nightmares now)

Dodie Kyllonen: The nudibranch’s on that DVD were amazing weren’t they? I really liked the footage of the anemone swimming too, that was a new one to me!