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Stewardship overview

Stewardship overview:

We believe that the privilege of living in the middle of nature, and making a living off the ocean, comes with a responsibility to take care of our environment as best we can. We have become stewards of our area and are involved in many projects to help, directly and indirectly, in keeping Barkley Sound as healthy as possible. Apart from the obvious things we do, like “reduce, reuse and recycle”,  investing in cleaner and more efficient energy, there are many more activities that we spend time and money on to give an extra push in the right direction.

There are various ways you can help! The easiest way is to participate in these projects or similar stewardship projects in your local area. The more people participate the greater the effect will be. In the sections below you will find more information on the various projects and direct links to their websites, if applicable.


Another way to support our efforts is to purchase this unique DVD

DVD Kelp and Critters

DVD Kelp and Critters

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“Kelp and Critters”. Proceeds from this DVD go towards our projects and the maintenance and purchase of equipment that we use.

For only C$ 22.00  (plus shipping) you will get this DVD that will take you through a journey of 4 seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest. You can order it directly from us or via one of our re-sellers.

And last but not least, spread the word to others about the projects and get them involved too


Thank you very much for your support!.