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Various other projects

Various other projects:

Rendezvous Dive Adventures is also involved, directly or indirectly, in various other projects. These are not major projects but more related to occasional occurrences. However they do form an integral part of our total stewardship program.

Here are some examples of these various other projects:

Eel grass bed mapping

Helping out in mapping local eel grass beds by means of transects and GPS coordinates to mark and measure these essential habitats.

various other projects: diver mapping eel grass

Various other projects: diver mapping eel grass










Reef clean ups:

On an ongoing basis we collect and dispose of garbage and other items, floating in the water or sitting on dive sites in order to keep our area as clean as possible.


Abalone Watch (reporting suspicious diving activities for Abalone)

Elephant seal sightings (reported to UBC)

Coast Watch (keep an eye on the neighborhood)

Marine Life Sanctuary Society (protecting marine areas) Peter Mieras wrote the stewardship manual for the Marine Life Sanctuary Society and you can download it here.