Wildlife photography filming

Wildlife photography filming

Besides diving charters, Rendezvous Dive Adventures also organizes wildlife photography filming opportunity and trips. Because we live year round in nature we have gained a great understanding of where and when to find animals and give photo enthusiasts wonderful opportunities for wildlife photography.

We have a camera room that is outfitted for photographers. Lots of charging options with 24 hr power despite being off grid. Large tables to easily set up your photo gear. All to make your stay the best possible.

We can accommodate up to 10 photographers at our lodge and with our vessel with its wide back deck and its flying bridge it offers a steady platform. Whales, bears, eagles, sea lions and many other birds and animals form great subjects against a stunning background of mountains and forests.

We can also guide photographers off site to bears sites, salmon rivers and other wildlife photography opportunities. These trips can be group trips or private trips. As destinations, time of year and type of wildlife differ very much you would need to contact us to discuss details on how to set up YOUR ideal trip. We offer these services to individuals, groups, film crews and we can assist in research in order to organize your trip.

Some important things to consider:

Bring a variety of lenses:

Given the variety of animals, their size, their potential closeness and other considerations it is a good idea to bring a variety of lenses or a zoom lens with a good range of focal lengths.

Bring a tripod:

Tripod make life easier if you want steady shot with tele-lenses or when you have to wait for wildlife to show up.

Have your camera ready and at hand as much as practical:

“The best camera is the one you have in your hand when the action happens.” An old one but true. The best camera is useless when it is not ready for action. Make sure batteries are charged, you have enough space on your memory medium and have some basic idea where your settings need to be.

Do your research:

Research before you go out is essential to have a chance to get the shot you are aiming for. For example if you want humpback whale shot it is useless to come to Barkley Sound in winter. Also make sure you have a basic understanding of your subject behaviour.

It is wildlife:

Next to your camera gear pack a good dose of patience and respect. Patience because wildlife.. well is… wildlife. Animals are not trained to “perform” just because we want a nice picture. Waiting, searching and perseverance are common things in wildlife filming and photography. Respect because they are wild animals and although the chance of aggressive behaviour of say.. a duck will not likely harm you, bears, cougars, wolfs etc. are potentially dangerous.


Below are some of the examples of photos and video taken during those trips:


Adams river salmon

Eagles in Barkley Sound


Baby bear
Baby bears
Bear family
Eagle soaring